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Request to Add a Radiation Worker

Radiation Safety is taking steps to better support you with the addition of new radiation workers to your RAM authorization permits. A new form is being put into use for that purpose and we plan to require its use starting October 1, 2017. We ask that you, or your designated Radiation Safety Lab Contact, start using it for your new radiation workers when you have them take the Radiation Safety Exam, and for any other radiation workers you want added to your permit(s). We want you to get some experience with using the form, and ask you to provide us with any feedback you may have. You are welcome to review background and more detailed information on this procedure page at our FAQ page.

Please note that because the designated Radiation Safety Lab Contact is allowed to request addition of a radiation worker to the permit for the Authorized User, the form also gives the Authorized User the option to designate a new radiation worker for that role or to change the current designation. Please feel free to submit the form solely for that purpose when necessary.

Radiation Safety Manual Updated

Many chapters of the Radiation Safety Manual have been updated.  If you use a paper copy of the manual in your lab, please view and print a new copy of the manual here.  Otherwise, each chapter can be viewed online at  For a full history of changes made to the manual, click here.

Radiation Safety Office Move

Radiation Safety's offices have moved from the Old Shriner's Building to the 4th floor of Olin Residence Hall at 4550 Scott Avenue.

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