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RAM Orders

WUSTL Marketplace RAM Ordering is here!

Have you used Marketplace to place an order? If so, you know how easy it is to:

  • quickly and accurately create requisitions with contract pricing,
  • create "favorites" for those commonly ordered items,
  • view your order purchase history,
  • get your order sent off to your supplier quickly and reliably,
  • and in some cases, get an email order acknowledgement.

Many of you have been asking, "When can I use Marketplace to order my radioactive materials?" The answer is NOW! Just sign into Marketplace, go to your Profile page, and get set up to make radioactive material (RAM) orders. Go to How to Enter a RAM Order on Radiation Safety’s webpage to learn more!

For now, you may have to order RAM as non-catalog items, but soon we hope to have RAM items available in several vendor catalogs… stay tuned! As with other Marketplace orders, you can choose to have your Authorized User or Radiation Worker enter the RAM order using the How to Enter a RAM Order instructions.

All WU RAM Orders must be created in Marketplace. Your RAM Order must be submitted for Radiation Safety’s final approval by 10 AM on a workday to assure next workday delivery when applicable.

Available Catalogs for RAM

Vendor Marketplace Catalog
Millipore Millipore
Perkin-Elmer Perkin-Elmer

Other Information

The RAM order surcharge is adjusted each year to reflect market changes. The current surcharge rate is given in the table Radioactive Material Order and Radwaste Disposal Charges.

24-hr Emergency Phone: