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Radioactive Waste

For information not covered below, please see the Radioactive Waste Storage and Disposal section of the Radiation Safety Manual.  Also, a Radwaste FAQ page is available with answers to common waste related questions.

Radwaste Request for Pick-up

NOTE: Radioactive waste is no longer picked up at set locations on a regular schedule.

Radioactive waste is now picked up directly from labs approved for radioactive material use.  To request a pick-up, authorized users and lab contacts should visit the MyRad section of this website and complete the Waste Pickup Request form.  The lab will then be contacted by a member of radiation safety and given a date and time for pick-up.

Disposal Costs

Radwaste disposal and services costs are adjusted each year to reflect market changes.  FY19 rates (effective 7/1/2018) for WUSTL affiliates and WUSTL customers can be found below.

Scintillation Cocktail

Radiation Safety highly recommends the use of non-flammable (or non EPA-regulated) scintillation cocktail.  A list of approved cocktails is provided for your reference.  Please contact Radiation Safety at 314-362-2996 if you have a need for a cocktail that is not on this list.

General License Uranium and Thorium

General License Uranium and Thorium material must be disposed of through the Radiation Safety Office.  A waste pickup can be requested through MyRad as described above.

Mixed Waste Issues

Please note that if uranyl acetate or any other radioactive material is mixed with an EPA-regulated material such as methanol or ethanol, it is subsequently regulated as a "mixed waste" and disposal is much more expensive.  If you have a need to mix uranyl acetate with any RCRA (EPA)-regulated material, please contact Radiation Safety immediately so that we can work to minimize the disposal cost for you.

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