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Radioactive Waste

For information not covered below, please see the Radioactive Waste Storage and Disposal section of the Radiation Safety Manual.  Also, a Radwaste FAQ page is available with answers to common waste related questions.

Radwaste Pick-up

Radiation Safety personnel are available at scheduled times and locations to accept properly packaged radioactive waste and to provide empty waste containers, waste forms, and related items as needed.

Radioactive waste pick-ups are scheduled every other week.  For a calendar of pick-up dates, please click here.  For a schedule of times Radiation Safety is available at the docks, please click here .

Disposal Costs

Radwaste disposal and services costs are adjusted each year to reflect market changes.  FY18 rates, effective July 1, 2017, for WUSTL customers and for WUSTL affiliates can be found below.

Scintillation Cocktail

Radiation Safety highly recommends the use of non-flammable (or non EPA-regulated) scintillation cocktail.  A list of approved cocktails is provided for your reference.  Please contact Radiation Safety at 2-2996 if you have a need for a cocktail that is not on this list.

Uranyl Acetate

Uranyl acetate is a compound of the naturally occurring radionuclide uranium.  All radioactive material must be disposed through the Radiation Safety Office.  Please click here for more information on the disposal of uranyl acetate.

Disposal Log

Use the Waste Disposal Log to keep track of radioactive waste disposals.

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