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Radiation Producing Machines FAQs
Q. What is a radiation producing machine?
A. X-ray machines, including normal diagnostic units, fluoroscopic units, bone densitometers, x-ray fluorescence units, x-ray cabinets and x-ray diffraction units; electron microscopes; linear accelerators; cyclotrons.
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Q. Do I need to let someone know about my radiation producing machine?
A. Yes.  The EH&S Radiation Safety Office is required to register with the State of Missouri all radiation producing machines owned by WU.
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Q. Who may operate a radiation producing machine?
A. The PI should ensure that each individual allowed to operate their radiation producing machine is trained in the proper operation of the equipment and maintains the proper controls for safe use.
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Q. Can I use my WU x-ray machine on humans?
A. No, unless your use is in a WUSM clinic and done at the direction of a licensed and credentialed WUSM physician.  The EH&S Radiation Safety Office needs to know the use of the x-ray machine to include it in the correct MO State registration and ensure you are verifying compliance with FDA regulations.
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Q. Who oversees this kind of radiation machine safety program at BJH and SLCH?
A. The EH&S Radiation Safety Office only provides radiation badge/dosimetry services and general radiation safety training for the BJH and SLCH x-ray safety programs.  Talk with your hospital or department to find out who to contact concerning other aspects of the hospital x-ray safety program.  Or, for BJH you can contact Keith Anderson (BJH EHS -; for SLCH you can contact Paula Vise (SLCH Radiology -
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Q. Will I be provided radiation monitoring devices?
A. We issue dosimeters (radiation badges) to individuals working with or around x-ray machines that are capable of delivering significant amounts of radiation dose.  This category includes fluoroscopy machines, typical diagnostic x-ray machines (excluding bone densitometers), and x-ray diffraction machines.  Electron microscopes and bone densitometers do not emit significant radiation doses.  In many cases, it will be provided to individuals below these threshold amounts at their request.  Dosimeters are also provided to all declared pregnant radiation workers.
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Q. Am I required to shield my radiation producing machine?
A. Possibly.  Bone densitometry units have low levels of radiation emitted and may only require proper placement within their room.  Electron microscopes, x-ray fluorescence units and x-ray cabinets are self-shielded.  Diagnostic x-ray units may need additional shielding.  Fluoroscopic units require room/area shielding.  X-ray diffraction units may require significant room/area shielding.
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